About Royal Girls Amsterdam High Class Escort

Being an experienced agency means we know it's not all about intercourse, we have have girls for every occasion. Whether it's a high class companion to make a perfect impression for your business meetings, speeches or a model for your photoshoot/videoclip, we have it. Our clients are men of class. Going out on the street to find female company is not what we find classy nor comfortable. Being seen by all pedestrians while seeking a short period of pleasure is not meant for our types. Neither does one know whether the girl is suitable for you. As they say, don't judge a book by it's cover. That's why we have established Royal Girls Amsterdam. The place of class, quality, elegance and discretion. The perfect fit for men who know what they want.

Our Story

We have been in positions where we had a need for girls of quality and discovered that it is hard to find what meets our needs. Standard, intercourse only, quick deals are everywhere, but where do you find a girl that meets your exact desire? That is when we decided to establish Royal Girls Amsterdam.

Our Mission

We wanted to make it easier to find the right girl for high class/businessmen. Our highest priority is to keep up to our standards of elegance, quality and comfort. Discretion is self-evident and our responsibilty to fulfill.


Royal Girls Amsterdam did not become the best by itself, but by years of listening to what the clients had to say and improving in every aspect possible. That is the key to become better at anything in life.


The best thing about RGA is the customer service. Making-it-right is not only a definition used by many other companies, but is a standard that is being lived up to. It is the the type of agncy that goes the extra mile just to leave a WOW factor to be remembered.